The Sky

~ Close of Day ~

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of positive, beautiful and thoughtful comments I got on my last entry :) Thank you <3 Today I started on a new creative project, which I'll show you tomorrow :D Tonight I want to share something beautiful. The last day of last year was blessed with a beautiful pale, pink sky, white snow and a rainbow. On that special day I got of the bus before my stop, just so I could gaze at, and absorb the beautiful view :) *sigh* - Have you seen any beautiful phenomenons lately? Are you enjoying winter? :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #sky #skyer #himmel #solnedgang #mĺne #rosa #rosahimmel #lilla #snř #vinter #magi #magisk

~ Midnight Sunlight ~

The night before yesterday was a very special night. After a fantastic evening with a friend watching The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones with amazing food and perfect dessert, I biked home and I was instantly stunned. The sky was breathtaking! I mean, the sky has been amazing the last week, but this was very, very special. I biked back and forth, knocking on the door of an other friend trying to get him to take a walk with me, but as no one answered (naturally, it was in the middle of the night) I ended up enjoying it all by myself :) I sat down by the harbor for almost half an hour, until I had to leave because of a ship that was to dock up. It was so enchanting! And when I got home, about 01.00 o'clock, the thermometer said 22 degrees celcius which by Scandinavian standards is called a Tropical Night (something very rare at that hour in Norway/Scandinavia) <3 There in the distance you can see the lighthouse we celebrated at on saturday :) - Have you...

~ Ethereal scenery ~

Last friday I was at a gardenparty in my neighbourhood. They had an amazing view and the incredible weather made it even more beautiful! It started to rain heavily, and when it settled the sun shone through the fog that was left from the rain :) This colour palette is really soothing and inspiring, both cheery and gloomy at the same time - just how I feel these days :) I wasn't sure which category I was supposed to put this. I was in a garden taking a photo of the sea, but you don't really see either of them, hihi. But I decided to file it under Oceans <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~ #natur#sjř#hav#utsikt #hage #sommer#miljř#frihet#řy#skjćrgĺrd#vann#majestetisk#vind#vćr #tĺke#himmel#friluft#ute#oslo #oslofjorden #fjord#Gaiadóttir


17, Alvdal

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