~ Roman Holiday ~

Tomorrow I'm travelling to Rome for a week with my sister and mother :) The photo is from our trip to Crete in 2012 ^_^ When I come back, I'll start on my second year of my kindergarten studies, and I promise I'll share photos and thoughts from my awsome trip! Bot this and the epic one I had last year! :O Me so slow! :3 Hope you're all enjoying the summer! <3(I never get used to the fact that some parts of the world has winter when we have summer, so I never know what to say xD ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Love and light ~

~ Back from London! ~

In august, I was lucky enough to get a ticket to one of Kate Bush's concerts! :D Thursday morning, last week, my mother and I left for London. The first night we saw the Lion King musical, which gave me chills all down on my legs :3 Other than that, we've mostly been walking. In parks and streets, looking around, finding transport and places to eat and shop :) Our feet and backs have been hurting quite a bit this weekend, and I'm still pretty tired! Sitting in double-decker buses was some of the best experiences, haha ^^ St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel was beautiful. So was this chandelier at Camden Market! And we found Platform 9 3/4! <3 London is really overwhelming, but not quite how I expected. I already have small symptoms of anxiety, and in the big crowds in London, not to mention the halls and lifts at the metros, it only got worse. There were SO many people! There are over 3 million more people just in London than in the whole of Norway! And that is not inc...

~ Summer voyage ~

After a week up north with my family, I am spending the weekend home alone in Oslo. But already on monday I am leaving again! So you can quess I am a little stressed. I have to prepare and pack for a three week long vacation, I need cash - in the right currency, and this and that and I am totally freaking out! First I am going to Hungary, to Budapest, where I will be meeting my dear friends Janne and Ruben. Together we are going to the S.U.N festival for the first time :) I really don't know what to expect, exept for a lot of music, a lot of colours and a lot of people :D I just heard that the weather forecast says it's going to rain almost the whole week, but I really hope not as we are going to live outdoors and sleep in tents! When the festival is over we are going to look around for nice places to visit, maybe some castles! We will return to Budapest, and hopefully I can have a little birthday celebration :) Then I am traveling further alone! I am going to my friend Li...

~ A journey to recreate ~

A few weeks ago I went on a well deserved vacation to the north with my family. I took mostly photos with my phone, and some of you have probably already seen most of these photos on my instagram. As you know from my last entry, I went to my family isle in the north of Norway. My aunt lives on the mainland, and above you can see the view from her and my mother's (and their five brother's!) childhood home where we always stay. I think it's the most beautiful place on earth! <3 Here you can see an old air photo of our precious paradise! :D This is our 'cottage', the white, century old manor on our isle where my ancestors lived, and my oldest uncle actially was born :) Ready for Easter dinner! This is the bed I've always slept in. I love this bed, and always feel like a princess in it. I am one of few in my family that actually can sleep in this bed, because it is so short!It's also kind of fascinating how perfect this room was for a easter holiday, with the yellow walls...


17, Alvdal

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